We Care Where Your Food Comes From

El Dorado Cantina believes in providing the highest quality products that are readily available for our customers to enjoy while dining with us. All of our vegetables, meats and fish originate from farms that are free of antibiotics, pesticides and steroids. Click the farms below to read more on where we source each of our products.

In the event items from our preferred vendors are not available, we do our best to source organic and GMO-free products from other sources to keep the highest quality ingredients in your dishes. Despite our commitment to the organic, non-GMO lifestyle, El Dorado Cantina cannot guarantee that all products and ingredients are 100% organic or GMO-free.

Produce - Better Life Organics

Better Life Organics are consistently providing premium quality selection of organic foods from field to shelf. Supporting the organic food movement and the people who create it. Best for the grower, the consumer, and for the planet as a whole. Every single one of Better Life Organic food items is premium-quality and Certified Organic.

Dairy - Horizon Dairy

Horizon Dairy provides USDA Certified Organic products that are free of GMOs and antibiotics. No growth hormones are administered to the animals at any time.

Seafood - Portico Simply

Portico Simply provides raw seafood products with no additives. All shrimp, scallops, mahi mahi, tilapia and salmon are of the highest quality and pass through strict quality assurance to guarantee the freshest products.

Beef - SunFed Ranch

SunFed Ranch Natural Grass Fed cattle are raised on traditional, family ranches and are never administered antibiotics or hormones. SunFed Ranch goes beyond the requirements of most natural programs to uphold their commitment to providing natural grass fed and grass finished beef without cutting corners.

Chicken - Mary's Free Range Organic Chicken

Mary's Free Range Organic Chickens are fed an organic vegetarian diet contains no GMO's and no antibiotics . All chicken is Certified Organic by the USDA.

Pork - Hill Meat Company

Hill Meat Company's All Natural Pork contains no artificial ingredients and is 100% free of antibiotic residue. No growth hormones are administered to the hogs at any time.

Chips - La Fortaleza Quality Mexican Foods

La Fortaleza Non-GMO corn chips are made with whole kernel non-GMO white and blue corn that is certified gluten-free and contains zero trans fat or preservatives. Our chips are fried using SUSTAIN Premium Non-GMO Sunflower Frying Oil.

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